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Mindfulness Programs Australasia

MPA offers fully funded mindfulness courses, paid courses, and professional development.

Mindfulness Programs Australasia

Mindfulness Programs Australasia has been commissioned by Primary Health Tasmania to offer free mindfulness courses to enable adult Tasmanians access to these evidence based interventions for depression, stress and anxiety. Courses run weekly for 8 weeks and are also available in a a live-online format. We run them in all major cities, regional areas, and many smaller towns. Our application process ensures the course is right for each individual.

Who is your service for?
Our courses are for adult Tasmanians who may be experiencing mild to moderate stress, anxiety or depression. Eligibility criteria are assessed during the application process.
Business Address
PO Box 572 Ulverstone
0488 064 228
Organisation Email
How is this service delivered?
Phone, Online
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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for the Central Coast

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If you are in the North West and you are experiencing flu like symptoms you must quarantine and call your GP or the Public Health Hotline on 1800 671 738.  You may need to be tested for COVID-19